Yas Village


Yas Village is a 108,600 sqm phased residential development designed by Miral to bring high-quality, modern and affordable accommodation to Yas Island. The campus-style development will bring together residents from different nationalities and cultures, and will comprise 1,750 (1, 2 and 4 person) units, with an ultimate occupancy capacity of up to 5,400 residents. Once complete, Yas Village will include:

  • 9 residential buildings with leisure amenities
  • Central community park
  • 3 sports areas
  • Running track
  • Multi-purpose building with a commercial kitchen, dining hall, gyms, fitness studio and retail.

Phase 1 will bring together 3,000 residents and over 80 nationalities from Q4 2020. Units are available now for corporate leasing. To serve our community various service retail units are also available for lease including:

  1. Convenience store (225sqm)
  2. Gents Barber (58sqm)
  3. Ladies Salon (62sqm)
  4. Currency Exchange (55sqm)

Please contact leasing@miralaestg.azurewebsites.net for more information.